I lead an accomplished team of art teachers who are innovating and focused on making art dynamic and interesting to a wide range of students. My own classes are also supported with fully articulated courses and engaging activities.
Teaching art to Blue Dragon Service visiting students. I involve art when and where every I can. Students from UWCSEA and the visiting students interact and share experiences while engaging in art.
Student learning is supported with exemplars of past successful work of all levels(the focus is on the work). In art it is so important that success is not measured by the grade alone. Students can see the full scope of processes for a given unit or project. Each student produces individual work; however, the processes are clear.
Student 1 is interested in architecture and his personal project mirrors this.
Student 2 is very painterly and more traditional in her approach.
Displays are essential parts of the program. They are constantly being refreshed in out art department Gallery and also in set places within the school.
I designed and ran a TOK event 2017 for 100 approx students examining "When is it Art?" Most years I support the TOK program with a presentation to the year group as well.